It started with a beer…

She brought it to my table while I was chatting with my friends in a pub. She put the large glass of the golden liquid with a rich white foam on a beer mat, placed a receipt beside it and disappeared with words I will come back for it in a minute. She did as she promised and I paid for the beer. No single penny on top of it. Not a dime. I haven’t been to that pub in Prague ever again.

I bet you’ve experienced this many times.

Since my passion for anything digital brought me to sit in front of the computer for a good portion of my life, most of my customer service interactions are online. When sending a complaint over an email or requesting more information about a product on a Facebook page I often get no more than the frustrated innkeeper provided back in 2005.

Although Internet, Social Media and Big Data have transformed all of our businesses, customer service tends to be still regarded as a “must-have” activity to lose fewer customers while focusing on bringing new income. Digital media is used mostly for marketing purposes. After spending eight years in digital marketing and the last three years in Customer Service, I know that as an ordinary customer I don’t give a damn about these two disconnected worlds. Our customers have only one world – theirs.

Future Care Initiative was founded with a mission to create a private platform for the leading customer service experts to drive innovation in the industry via knowledge sharing, learning and networking.

I’m excited to have you on board.

vit horky SMILE

Vit Horky,

Founder of Future Care Initiative

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