Future Care Today is a website all about social customer care.

Its mission is to drive innovation in customer service on social media, by building the definitive online resource in the field for knowledge sharing, learning, and networking.

This initiative has been undertaken in response to the challenges that we, and many of our partners, industry experts, journalists, and customers have encountered in the young and evolving industry of Social Customer Care:

Businesses are Not Providing the Services that Customers are Asking for

  • Customer service is under-funded
    Companies spend about $500 Billion a year on marketing while spending just $50 Billion on Social CRM and only $9 Billion on Customer Service.
  • Customer service lacks innovation
    Only 41% of companies actively respond to customer complaints on social media
  • Business opportunities are being missed
    Most companies see customer service as a necessary expense, rather than a competitive differentiator and a prime growth opportunity.
  • Best practices are lacking
    Companies lack access to solid best practices and case studies that would help them create their optimal strategy for customer service innovation.

Opened Approach to Information

We at Future Care Today believe in the freedom of information, and the equality of all organisations and individuals in the critical eyes of the public. Therefore, the website’s content is collected from various sources:

  • Original content – Original posts are produced by our editorial team, in cooperation with select guest authors. We do not pay commissions for content. If you are interested in writing an original (never before published) article, research report, or opinion piece, please contact us.
  • News – news is produced by our editorial team. We strive to bring you valuable news from the industry, and a look at up and coming trends, placed in the context of existing site content. If you are interested in being a voluntary quest news editor, please contact us.
  • Curated content – We monitor, and occasionally publish, useful industry knowledge like case studies, presentations, or white papers produced by leading companies in the market. Find the up-to-date list of companies and sources we monitor here. Feel free to suggest a new company or a source.


Future Care Today is a non-profit organisation, and is fully funded through sponsorship. Our resources are limited; therefore we can not guarantee accommodation of all your wishes in terms of content suggestions or event organisation. However, we will always do our best. Sponsors have the opportunity to publish Featured Content, including sponsored articles and advertising on the site. All sponsored content is labeled as “Sponsored”. If you are interested in the Sponsorship options, please contact us.

The Next Steps for Future Care Today

Future Care Today was co-founded by Vit Horky, Co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, and by Guy Stephens, managing consultant at IBM, in London, in 2013. Originally under the name Future Care Initiative, a series of privately held online debates and white papers were produced with anticipation from many global industry experts. As both founders have other day jobs and invest only their spare time in this initiative, they have hired a small editorial team to help them curate and produce content for the site. Any ideas regarding how to improve the Future Care Today are warmly welcome. Please drop us a line.