Bitcoin Cash Price Soars To $568 Following Surge In Korean Trading

After closing Wednesday’s trading above $250, Bitcoin Cash extended the price action past $260 on Thursday during the Asian session. A breakout in tandem with Bitcoin (BTC) surge to $9,303.

Bitcoin Cash Price Surges 19%. The bitcoin cash price posted the best performance of any top 10 coin on Thursday. After starting the day at $562, the bitcoin cash price surged by 19%, leaping more than $100 to $684. This raised the bitcoin cash market cap to $11.3 billion–its highest mark since August 22. Bitcoin Cash Price Chart from.

The rapid price rise has made it more profitable for miners to mine Bitcoin Cash as opposed to the original Bitcoin. Prices of the original Bitcoin slumped around 6%, or $250, to $4,087.70.

Bitcoin Exchange Lebanon 26 Feb 2020. Lebanese citizens are turning to Bitcoin to avoid capital controls, in Lebanese pounds at the official exchange rate—essentially reducing their. Can auditors help to overturn a pessimistic view of crypto assets and exchanges through necessary assurance services? Regions with weak states and educated diasporas are seeing a rising demand for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins

🔴BREAKING: South Korea Legal Crypto Clearance - U.S. To Follow? BTC ETH XRP World RESERVE CURRENCY?Backed by strong volumes out of Asia, the price of bitcoin cash jumped to a two-week high today. At press time, the bitcoin cash-U.S. dollar exchange rate is $390 – up 25 percent in the last 24.

SBS featured the interview as the main section of one of its most popular shows that often secures over a million active viewers. Following the initial report of SBS, other mainstream media outlets, especially finance and business-focused news publications, started to cover Bitcoin Cash more actively, ultimately leading the price of the cryptocurrency to surge.