Aviolinx: Case study by Freshdesk


Aviolinx is one of the world’s largest airline communication providers. Starting out with providing communication services on HF radio in 1968, Aviolinx have now expanded to offer both software and communication services to the airline industry. Their oldest product, Stockholm Radio, is probably the most trusted service product in aviation history for long range radio communication.

How Things Used to Work

Before Freshdesk, Aviolinx supported its customers over the phone and through email through a three tiered process. Tier one agents answered all calls and manned the inboxes. Depending on the complexity of the request, they dealt with it themselves or passed it onto tier 2 or tier 3 agents. The tiers were structured such that tier one agents were equipped to deal with the simpler, more obvious queries while tier 3 agents were technical experts, well versed in the nuances of the product.

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