How The University Of Cambridge Effectively Manages Over 260 Social Media Accounts


For some brands, maintaining accounts across all social media channels can be a challenge. But what about 260 social media accounts? That’s another thing altogether, and that’s exactly what the University of Cambridge does to attract top talent. In 2009, the University began using social media to develop and deepen the connection between the university, its long history, and potential and existing students, employees, and wider communities. Along the way, it empowered staff to represent the university themselves over social media.

The result? A 400% increase in Facebook followers, and more name recognition and reach than ever before. It’s another example of how a decentralized approach to social can be hugely effective, especially for big brands.

This case study from Hootsuite gives all the details of the university’s social success. It’s an inspiring story that every brand can learn from.

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