Killing Phone Support Can Kill Your Business


In social customer care circles, it’s customary to talk about the revolution of the call center and how social media is well on its way to replacing traditional phone-based customer service. After all, the average cost of an inbound call is $5.90. Sounds pretty low, until you consider that call centers on average field about 45.4 billion calls per year. So from a cost perspective alone, call centers appear ineffective.

But that’s what makes this infographic from Zendesk so interesting and controversial. With detailed facts and figures from a Forrester survey, it makes the claim that phone support isn’t going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean we should keep legacy help desks. Instead, what is needed is an innovative approach to call centers that will personalize customer care and make it more efficient.

So the good news is that you might not have to replace your classic call center, but you should certainly start thinking about upgrading and innovating it.

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