The Smart Social Report: Volume 1


Social media can be hard to pin down. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a new channel is introduced, or existing channels invent new functionalities. It’s hard to say where social media is heading, but this white paper from Spredfast has some very well-educated guesses.

Spredfast has evaluated fifty leading brands across ten different verticals, eight social networks, and thousands of pieces of social content to bring you insightful and usable key learnings, including:

  • Which brands are top-performers across social networks (and why)
  • Why social care teams should take a goal-driven approach
  • How Tumblr can increase fan activation
  • How real-time marketing continues to perform
  • What makes content successful on Instagram

This is an invaluable document that will save you time and provide efficient insight into the future of social.

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