9 Amazing (and 1 Not so Amazing) Social Customer Service Case Studies in Telecom


Finding a good case study that would help a manager get support for changes in customer care, or in finding the best way how to innovate in social customer service is pretty hard. The customer service on social media industry is still pretty new, and not many companies are willing to share the “secret sauce” of success (or failure) they’ve devised.

We’ve researched over 50 publicly available case studies, and selected ten that we considered to have the greatest value in terms of a) Portability (you can try it yourself), b) Testability (you can see if they really follow it themselves), and  c) Geography (the companies represent vastly different geographic markets). These case studies can be found on the Future Care Today website and here we bring them into one list.

1. Seven key takeaways from the T-Mobile Experience in Social Care

It takes a special team to do social care – Customers are prone to “channel hopping,” and Social Care needs to be technically integrated into a company’s operations and CRM services. These are just a few recommendations that Ivo Marecek, the Social Media Guy at T-Mobile in the Czech Republic and Germany, shares with the public for providing great customer service on social media. Read more and if you’re still hungry for details, download the attached white paper.

2. Giffgaff boasts a 73% Net Promoter Score

Giffgaff, the mobile operator in the UK, is “run by its members,” as they like to say. Members are rewarded for running parts of the business, like answering questions in the community, enlisting new members, or helping to promote the company. Learn how giffgaff achieved an increase of 73% in NPS (Net Promoter Score).

3. Time Warner Cable Improved Social Response Rate by 30%

Large companies typically start social customer care with one big problem – not being able to respond to all their customers. So being able to increase the Response Rate while maintaining (or even increasing) the quality of care is crucial. Time Warner Cable did just that, as their social care team achieved a 57% lift in social agent productivity and a 30% improvement in response rate. Read more.

4. Telefónica O2: Adding social to call centre increased customer satisfaction

Integrate or (dis)integrate – that is the question. In fact, many contact centre managers are having endless discussion with their marketing counterparts about whether responsibility for customer service on social media should fall on dedicated customer service departments. And if so, how to make sure that marketing and customer service will cooperate efficiently and the transition will be smooth. Read this case study to learn how Telefónica O2 used automated prioritisation, routing and re-routing, and automated reporting to achieve a 70% reduction in response time and a 90% customer satisfaction rating.

5. SBB: All-in-one social media makes customer support more efficient

SBB, a broadband company operating in Serbia, decided to integrate email customer service with social media in order to streamline its internal processes and avoid duplicating responses across channels when a customer contacts them using multiple channels. SBB claims to achieve a 100% response rate while improving their resolution time by an impressive 60% . Read more.

6. Avea: Delivering real customer value to telecoms customers

Avea is a Turkish mobile operator with an impressive customer base of 15 Million. In the booming Turkish market, speed and quality of customer service is what makes or breaks a sale. The company claims to see 221% Return on Investment into their social care processes and a 20% increase in response speed. Learn from how Avea achieved it.

7. T-Mobile Engages Customers Like Never Before with SAP and the Cloud

All right, talking about innovation in the same sentence while mentioning “SAP” and “T-Mobile USA” can raise a jaundiced eye from many, but this case study actually nicely shows how such a huge company can increase their productivity by 15%, and implement a multi-channel listening, engagement, and reporting platform. Read more.

8. AT&T: Resolved 21,000 customer issues in one year

Huge companies = huge problems. And AT&T is a huge company. With about 73 Million wireless customers, and all the baggage that comes along with being that size as a provider, 21,000 might sound like a big improvement, but it may not be so stellar. AT&T’s social platform claims that it has resolved 21,000 customer issues in one year (that’s roughly one issue every 25 minutes) and saw a 16% lift in call deflections month over month. From where we’re sitting, that’s not a great track record, considering the tens of thousands of issues AT&T likely resolves by phone on a daily basis. Enjoy the muzak a bit longer. Here’s what they’ve been working on.

Bonus materials:

9. Essay: Graeme Stoker: BTCare and a Pint of Guinness

Not exactly a case study, we admit, but perhaps one of the best personal collections of social care insights into how you can initiate and develop stellar social customer service in a telecommunications company. Graeme Stoker is former General Manager of Social Media Innovation and Digital Care at British Telecom (BT), and later Director of Online Global Strategy. In his piece, he describes what’s happening  with social customer care, not just in telecom but across industries, and what we can expect next. Don’t miss it.

10. Report: Socially Devoted Q2 2014: Top Social Care Industries and Brands

Socialbakers’ “Socially Devoted” study probably needs no introduction. It’s a simple analysis of the most responsive companies on social media across industries. In the latest report, the Telecommunications industry is placed second with an 81% response rate, behind 83% for Airlines. Who have become the top ranking companies  from the Telco sector? GrameenPhone (Bangladesh), TelkomSel (Indonesia), Movistar Argentina and Personal Argentina. Surprised by the results? Read more.


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