9 Tips To Improve Your Business With Social Media


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from rounding up the most insightful case studies, white papers, webinars, and e-books from the world’s thought leaders in social customer care this month, it’s that brands of all sizes are now embracing social media for a range of tasks, from customer care to marketing, and even sales. It’s official: the savviest companies agree that engaging customers via social has become indispensable.

Still not convinced? Here are 9 case studies that demonstrate the diverse applications of social media and how it can help you improve your business.


Tip 1: Realize The Power Of Social

Think about this — of all the various digital channels, social media is the platform where people spend the most time. That’s why 67% of customers have turned to a company’s social media site with a problem or complaint. The numbers don’t lie. But if you still need more proof, this helpful and easy-to-use infographic from Business2Community “will help turn you from a social media customer service newbie into a complete pro.”

innovators guide

Tip 2: Innovate Every Day

If you want a comprehensive overview of social customer care that’s hands-on and very approachable, look no further than “The Innovator’s Guide To Social Customer Care,” co-authored by Brand Embassy and FutureCare.Today. You’ll find best practices, insights into the future of customer service, ways to optimize your social customer care, and ways to keep your customer service agents happy and effective.

step3Tip 3: Know Your Competition

You’re not the only one with good ideas. That’s where the Social Business Index from Sprinklr comes in handy. It will keep you up-to-date by ranking the social brand health of more than 35,000 brands around the world. Using proprietary big data technology, it captures every brand interaction across eight social platforms and more than 70 distinct metrics.

step4Tip 4: Market Via Social

With helpful guides like these being published every day, it’s clear that social customer care is really developing. But social media isn’t only for social customer care anymore. It can work wonders for your marketing, too. “The Social Media Pocket Guide” from Spredfast will give you the know-how to put the power of social to work in your next marketing campaign. 15 different global brands and media properties provide real examples for every piece of info in the guide. This is a quick and definitive reference for all things social strategy.

step5Tip 5: Put Your Best Face Forward

Once you’ve got the word out about your brand via social marketing, you can turn prospects into customers. That’s what a Social Selling Action Plan is about, and Hootsuite recommends you make one pronto. Their guide is full of tips for creating real relationships that will draw customers to you.

step6Tip 6: Build Your Dream Team

We’re sure you’ll be inspired by the content we’ve gathered this month, whether you’re a startup or you’re as big as Delta, with their 600,000 Twitter followers. If you’re among the former, don’t miss “The Startup’s Guide to Customer Service,” from Desk.com. You’ll find strategies for building a customer service dream team; tips on how to deliver fast, personalized customer service on every channel; best practices for measuring your team’s success; and ideas for choosing the right solution and integrating with back office solutions.

Etihad 777 flightTip 7: Keep It Personal

If you’re part of a jumbo-jet-sized company, or if you’re just curious how the biggest brands do social, check out this Delta Case Study from Sparkcentral. It’s a short video that offers insight into how an international corporation keeps their social media personalized and responsive.

step8Tip 8: Prepare Your Brand

Now that you’ve done your homework, you should be ready to utilize the power of social. But first you’ve got to prepare your enterprise to embrace the new model. It might not happen overnight, but you can ease the transition if you take the steps in this white paper from Conversocial. According to their research, 50% of consumers are now more likely to turn to social media than use a support forum. That’s why integrating social media and CRM is now an imperative for any brand that wants to stay relevant to today’s socially engaged customers.

step9Tip 9: Engage Your Team

Last but not least, you’ve got to ready your team, which is where this presentation from Flav Martins at Win The Customer! comes in. It will show you how to get your team emotionally engaged for an exceptional customer experience. Because it’s not just about having great software for social customer care, it’s about creating and maintaining a team that’s motivated and engaged.

How does your brand use social media? We’d love to hear from you!


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