Changing the social customer care narrative with WhatsApp


I was asked a simple question today which I’ve not been asked before, and for which I didn’t have an answer. The question reflects the journey that social customer care is taking. I’m loathe to use the word maturity, because this is not about maturity.

This isn’t about social customer care specifically either. It’s broader than that.

It’s about the fact that people are pushing boundaries. They’re experimenting, trying things out. Keeping what works, discarding what doesn’t. It’s not about companies trying to keep up either; that only complicates matters and distracts. But it is about companies thinking differently. Doing things different. Organisations are still caught up in their legacy processes and ‘old ways of thinking’.

It’s not that people are setting the agenda either, that’s simply a by-product; they’re not even thinking about the agenda. That’s company thinking.

What’s also interesting is that the question reflects geographical, and perhaps cultural differences and nuances in ways of communicating, working, engaging, experiencing.

It reflects vendors who are caught up in one way of thinking. Vendors who are in truth adopting traditional ways of viewing geographical markets. Vendors who in many respects are accepting of traditional approaches, models, paradigms and frameworks. Frameworks dictated and perpetuated by organisations. They’re the ones who are going to pay the bills, right!?

The narrative needs to change. Companies and vendors need to wake up. They need to see that the marketplace is transforming, the emphasis is shifting. They need to start thinking about the new emerging model of engagement and experience via the mobile screen.

Vendors need to realise that the requirements and functions of the tools they need to make and craft must reflect the behaviours of people, not the processes of the organisation. The shift will be slow.

People are driven by curiosity, experimentation, whims and fancies.

The marketplace is driven by serendipity, but serendipity has no place in an organisation driven by consistency and scale. So what was the question. It was a very simple question actually: Is there a social customer care platform out there that integrates WhatsApp?

The implication, however, is profound.


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