How To Make Each Customer Feel Like Your Only Customer


Every brand faces unique challenges where social customer care is concerned. Depending on the industry, the market, and customer demographics, it can seem like no two brands are alike.

But judging from the case studies we’ve pulled together this month, everything depends on the size of your business. It comes down to two central challenges: small brands have trouble keeping their limited customer care team from burning out amidst growth. Large brands, on the other hand, face the challenge of keeping their customer care personalized for thousands, or even millions of customers.

Here are three key takeaways that will help brands of all sizes avoid the pitfalls of growth.

nibmleSmall brands must keep their social teams nimble

Startups and smaller brands without the budget to hire more customer care agents have an especially acute challenge: keeping the team energetic and motivated, even as they have to cope with an ever-increasing number of customers. This detailed industry case study by Sprout Social looks at examples from Blue Fountain Media, SoMe Connect, Spyglass Digital, and Pure Visibility to give usable tips on keeping the team motivated and excited to connect with customers. It’s crucial to closely monitor your team’s performance and target any problems as soon as they appear.

brookssLarge brands must keep their social customer care personal

Large brands have a very different problem from startups, and one that’s no less difficult to manage. These corporations can afford to hire more agents to handle growth, but it’s tricky to maintain truly personal relationships with customers in multiple cities, countries, and even continents. There’s no silver bullet, but the brands that are most successful at managing social customer care in the face of huge growth never let their size stand in the way of customer experience. Two case studies this month put this lesson into sharp focus. This case study of Brooks Brothers by Spredfast shows how Brooks Brothers keeps up with a Twitter following of over 60,000, and still manages to think quickly, turning a celebrity’s Tweet to the brand into a successful social media campaign this past summer. Fearless spontaneity and flexibility are key.

Case Study: Five Guys BurgersA decentralized approach is often effective

Similarly, this case study of Five Guys Burgers by Hootsuite gives great insight into their formula for social customer care. A mix of user-generated content from one million-plus followers and hyper-local targeting adds up to a very effective social strategy that all brands can learn from. Letting 1,200 franchisees join in on the brand conversation over social media is a decentralized approach that has been very effective.

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