Is Apple Watch The Next Frontier For Social Customer Care?


There you are, at your bank. The teller, Linda, just helped you sort out some unscrupulous activity on your checking account and she even remembered that you’re saving up to go on holiday in the Bahamas. How thoughtful. Of course, you want to tell Linda’s manager about her stellar, personalized customer service, but don’t actually want to take the time to give feedback. Then, just as you’re about to leave Linda’s kindness in the dust and go about your day, your Apple Watch buzzes. Three smiley faces appear. “Stephan, how was our service?”

From Meerkat to Snapchat, new apps with huge potential for customer service seem to appear every month, but it’s rare that a completely new device appears on the market, promising to radically alter the way we connect to the internet, to brands, and to one another.

The long-awaited unveiling of the Apple Watch is just such an invention. Newly available on the market, it’s already receiving more support than the ill-fated Google Glass, and looks poised for serious growth. In fact, research from Salesforce indicates that the use of Apple Watch and other wearables should increase by about 300% over the next two years. That kind of proliferation adds up to real opportunities for businesses that know what to do with this new technology.

The Importance of Glanceable Moments

Some commentators have said that “glanceable moments” will make or break the Apple Watch. Research shows that users are likely to look at their watch for only a matter of seconds, rather than the minutes they might spend looking at their computer screens. This makes it imperative for brands to communicate information in a format that will be understood instantly.

How could this translate to customer care? Glanceable moments mean that the Apple Watch could allow customers to give instant feedback that would be too complicated or time-consuming to communicate over an iPhone. Imagine if every time you left your bank a screen popped up on your Apple Watch with three smiley faces for happy, sad, or indifferent. You could tap one to indicate your satisfaction with your customer experience, giving the bank instant feedback that would only take you a second or two. Brands could then offer bonuses for customers providing feedback. It’s a faster and more convenient approach than ever before.

Customer-centric Apps Are Proliferating

Several savvy companies have already got out ahead of the curve, launching Apple Watch apps to make their customers’ lives easier. While proper customer service apps for Apple Watch have yet to arrive, these customer-centric apps show that the trend is heading in that direction.

The Scandinavian airline SAS are updating their mobile app for Apple Watch, allowing travelers to find flight tracking information, bookings and delays right on their wrist. Everything you can do on their mobile app, which has been downloaded 1.3 millions times, can now be done on your wrist.

Is Apple Watch The Next Frontier For Social Customer Care?

Brands like SAS are already creating customer-centric apps that are paving the way for iWatch customer care. (From

3 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Apple Watch For Customer Service

It’s inevitable that more brands will be launching Apple Watch apps to provide their customers more convenience, and it’s only a matter of time before brands start offering customer care through the Apple Watch. This is a huge opportunity for customer service for three reasons:

It’s convenient. A portable computer screen that goes everywhere you go and is instantly available? You don’t get much more convenient than that. Apple Watch will become the leading way for on-the-go customers to connect to the internet, and that means it will be the most convenient way to communicate with brands and for brands to respond.

It’s fast. Apple Watch lets users instantly communicate via email, chat, or social networks, using glanceable moments, touch, and voice recognition technology. That means no more waiting to get back to your desk, or even waiting to pull your phone from your pocket. The conversation between brands and customers will be instantaneous.

It’s simple. Digital touch technology makes simple messaging even simpler. Why send an email when an image or a sketch will do the trick? Has your paycheck been transferred? A dollar sign conveys that message. Has your package arrived? A sketch of a package will let you know. Communication has been getting more direct for a while, and Apple Watch takes it one step farther.

Simple emojis could allow customers to provide instant feedback. (from

Simple emojis could allow customers to provide instant feedback. (From

What’s next?

As Apple Watch and other wearables increase in popularity, social customer care for wearables is an inevitability. They provide the fastest and easiest way to establish a two-way connection between brands and customers.

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