Samsung Vs. Apple On Social Media: Too Social vs. Anti-Social?


“Winning” Twitter and Facebook

If asked which of the hundreds of internationally known brands has the staunchest fan base, many people today could easily produce a short list. Which brand has the most devoted fans? A case could be made for Coca-Cola, which has tweeted nearly 100 thousand times in the past 5 years, and boasts 90 million likes on Facebook- Pepsi has only a third of that number.

And some brands are far more comprehensive. with an array of active social media presences on multiple continents, Samsung may be among the most socially wired companies in the world, with separate social media strategies and teams for its many product lines, making it one of the farthest reaching brands in the world.

Refusing to Play the Social Game

But you may be surprised to learn that one company you’re familiar with doesn’t even have a Facebook page, and has never Tweeted a day in its life. That’s Apple Inc. While a few of its products, like the App Store and Itunes do have Facebook pages and Twitter handles with significant followings, and Tim Cook does tweet (though not much), Apple has barely touched social media, with only rare exceptions.

We asked a few of our friends who definitely are on social media, what they thought about the difference between companies like Samsung, who seem to saturate the social web with their brand images and themselves, and companies like Apple, that remain towers of silence in the increasing babble.

Rémon Elsten, the Vice-President of the Swiss Contact Center Association, pointed out that market position was key to understanding the different approaches, saying that Apple has little to prove by engaging in social media:

remon elsten“Samsung is doing a lot of things to prove they are innovative and can therefore experiment and learn from their experiences.
Apple is known for innovation and don’t have to prove this by using by social media platforms. They have to make sure to keep their status as a quality leader and therefore cannot experiment as much as Samsung. So they lay back.”


Another featured social media influencer, Guy Stephens, the Social Customer Care Managing Consultant at IBM, pointed out that Apple and Samsung must respond first and last to their own customers, rather than to anyone else:

QX5KWVr7_400x400“In many respects, the respective customers of these brands will vote with their feet… This isn’t about the right or wrong approach, but it is about understanding the consequences of each. As Paul Greenberg says – it’s about the customer’s ownership of the conversation, and in the final analysis, the customer will decide what works for them, regardless of the specific approach of saying too little or too much.”


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