Tweet Chat: The Generational Disconnect in Customer Service


Life, like business, is full of questions. And if your brand is interested in staying relevant over the long term, the answers change with each new generation of customers.

How can your business adapt to younger customers with different values, core beliefs and points of view? Can Baby Boomer CxOs understand what today’s young customers want? Does any of this affect the bottom line?

Feeling overwhelmed? You should be! Adapting to new customer demographics can seem next to impossible. That’s why we’re hosting our inaugural Future Care Today tweet chat on the generational divide in customer service.

Future Care Today Tweet Chat
When: Wed., July 28 at 5pm BST
Hashtag: #FCTChat
Co-hosts: Guy Stephens & Dara Goldeberg

Do millennials really matter?

The topic is inspired by Guy Stephens’ article “Social Customer Care: Do Millennials Really Matter?” In it, Stephens explores the generational changes that have taken place since the Baby Boomer generation arrived on the scene. By outlining changes in behavior and beliefs from generation to generation, Guy suggests that brands today need to be more adaptable than ever. The key findings of the post include:

  • Each succeeding generation views technology as a more personal part of their life
  • Today’s world is dominated by transparency, data and mobility, and is more decentralized than ever before
  • In the near future, customer service will have to shift from being proactive to being preemptive
  • The way we think and process information is changing and companies need to adapt at speed

But simply telling brands to adapt to new generations is one thing. Putting this knowledge into practice in everyday business is something else entirely.

To further explore these themes (and perhaps even get a few answers!), @Futucare will be hosting a tweet chat Wednesday, July 29 at 5pm BST, under the hashtag #FCTChat. Two of the guests for the chat will be Guy Stephens and Dara Goldberg.

Our very special co-hosts


Guy Stephens

Guy Stephens (@Guy1067) is a Social Business/Social Customer Care Managing Consultant at IBM. He has 14 years experience in digital media, the last six focusing on social. Prior to IBM, Guy worked at Capgemini and before this at The Carphone Warehouse and Mars, Inc. With Guy, The Carphone Warehouse set up in social customer service in 2008. He was recently voted Top 100 Global Customer Service Pros on Twitter by The Huffington Post, and has been described by Dr Dave Chaffey as ‘one of the world’s leading thinkers’ in this space. He now works with organizations helping them navigate through their social business/customer care journey.


Dara Goldberg

Dara Goldberg

Dara Goldberg (@DaraGoldberg1) is Founder & President of Métier Consulting, a leadership development firm that helps companies and individual professionals excel in cultivating, stewarding and continually capitalizing on positive, rewarding, productive professional relationships that will drive their success. She regularly contributes to Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Join us for the chat, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #FCTChat!


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