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If you haven’t been reading everywhere about customer experience, you probably haven’t been on social media much in the past few months. More brands than ever are now competing on the basis of customer experience, a trend that promises to continue. So this month we’ve rounded up some practical and conceptual tips to innovate your customer experience.

From recognizing how your customers want to interact with you to being there for them on multiple social channels, to identifying the changing nature of customer experience and translating that into meaningful customer exchanges, there’s something here for brands of all sizes, no matter what the state of your CX.

Realize your customers want engagement on socialhunger

The first step toward providing an engaging customer experience is realizing that your customers generally want to communicate with you on social media. That’s where the experiences are happening. This white paper from Spredfast puts “the Social Hunger” into perspective. Compiling data from hundreds of customers about brands using social media, it offers a complete picture of the current landscape. Customers are demanding that their brands be readily available on social media. If you aren’t there, customers aren’t going to have a good experience with you.

Make sure you’re engaging on more than one channelmulit

If you’re still not sure where your customers are talking about your brand, see above. Customers are looking to engage brands on social media, and that means a whole variety of different channels. This presentation published by NewVoiceMedia and ContactBabel provides tips for success and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to adopting an omni-channel strategy for customer communication. Because if you’re going to engage your customers and enrich their lives with unforgettable experiences, you’ve got to be speaking their language, and that means having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, live chat and more.

Recognize 3 waves of customer experiencewaves

To really know what your customers want in terms of CX, it helps to understand how the concept of customer experience has changed, and how customers have become more impatient in the process. This insightful webinar from Salesforce actually looks in-depth at this phenomenon, identifying the three waves of CX and examining how the concept of customer service has evolved. Once you’ve got your care channels set up, it pays to know more about what you’re dealing with and what, precisely, your customers expect.

Innovate like the expertsimprov

Providing great customer experience isn’t something that happens overnight. The real innovators have plenty of practice. As more brands begin to see the light and go out of their way to provide relevant and meaningful services to their customers, there’s a need for great examples to learn from. This webinar from Zendesk is a useful guide for brands of all sizes looking to innovate their CX. It examines companies like Apple and Zappos to provide examples of how you can engage your customers promptly, efficiently and in a real way. Because trust us, if you’re not being sincere, your customers will know.

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