Demand for Social Customer Care on Twitter Doubled this year, According to SocialBakers


New Data released this week by SocialBakers, shows that among their “socially devoted” brands, brands that are most engaged in social media, and social customer care, the demand for customer care via Twitter has doubled in the past year. Twitter overall recieves up to 3 times as many customer queries, directed at brands, than any other social network.


Who was named SocialBakers’ most socially devoted brand on Twitter? Unsurprisingly, the socially innovative KLM came in first, with a 98% response rate for its over 6 million online fans, a figure few other brands could touch.

Amazingly, among all brands tracked by SocialBakers, total average response times have dropped from 16 hours, to 9 in just the last quarter of 2014, when they exclude companies that still do not engage with users on social media at all. Unsurprisingly, their data showed that the telecom and electronics industries are the most heavily socially engaged, but the data also showed that users ask many more questions on social media about these industries- 4 times more than they did about all other retail companies combined.

Interestingly the UK was far and away the most socially devoted country in the SocialBakers’ study, which showed that over 50% of user questions posed on social media in the UK were answered, with an average response rate of just 400 minutes (just 6.5 hours). The rate for US companies was only 33%, and the average response time was over 9 hours. Clearly a few of the UK’s top influencers  are having positive effects.




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