The Ultimate Social Customer Care Glossary


We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched The Future Care Glossary, the ultimate guide to all things related to social customer care.

From ACD to WFO, we’ve compiled a huge list of the most prominent terms used in social customer service and defined them with accessible vocabulary anyone can understand. We’re adding to the glossary all the time, so it’s getting bigger and better every day.

The glossary is searchable and browsable by letter, making it fast, simple, and easy to use. Most entries also have tips for further reading, in case you really want to do your homework. And, if you hover over any underlined word or phrase on the site, you’ll see the glossary definition. Customer loyalty, for example.

With more than 130 terms (and counting), this is your comprehensive source for information on all terms related to social customer service, and more.

Do you have any terms you’d like to see in the glossary? Let us know and we’ll add them!

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