Salesforce Foundation Users: Getting Started with Social Customer Care


Salesforce Foundation, the non-profit arm of Salesforce, discussed how to get started with social customer care.


July 3, 2014 Webinar Hosted by OpenAmplify and TRIBES

Brad Osman, Foundation
Mark Redgrave, TRIBES by OpenAmplify

If you are a non-profit or foundation user of, we know how labour intensive it can be tracking and responding to constituents via social media channels. Every interaction on social media counts: a chance to spread the word, to deepen relationships and to impress. So, having worked hard to build up your stakeholder community, the last thing you want is to drop the ball in social customer care.

This Webinar will showcase some excellent tools for social customer care that recently became available on the Salesforce platform. Whether you are a non-profit just getting started in social or looking to scale your social programmes, experts from the Salesforce Foundation and ISV Partner TRIBES will discuss practical approaches to social CRM using affordable yet powerful apps that will transform your use of social in



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