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In today’s connected world customers are more demanding than ever when it comes to receiving customer service over social channels. Organizations are responding to this by deploying social media as an official customer service channel in the contact center – but they don’t get there overnight. It is a long and sometimes difficult process.

In our industry experience, we find that it’s helpful to think of this journey as happening in three stages.

In the first stage social is almost exclusively a marketing activity – if – and that’s an IF – customer service issues are addressed at all, it’s typically an indirect process, where marketing will relay an issue to a customer service contact, who will work on the in-between their typical workload, and will either relay an answer back to marketing or contact the customer another way.

In stage two, customer service takes on a more active role, typically moving into a position of using social directly to engage with customers, setting up appropriate technologies and processes in the contact center. This typically a select small-to-medium sized team running a sort of pilot in close collaboration with marketing.

And stage three is a fully integrated operation in the contact center, wherein social is a standard customer support channel, alongside phone, email chat – and with teams of dedicated agents to manage the conversations continually and consistently.

Last week, my colleague Andrey Grigoryev hosted a webinar discussing the stages that companies go through in their social customer service journey, and how to navigate them successfully in order to provide truly remarkable customer experiences over social.

The webinar recording will set out how to find your current organizations place and identify what steps you should take to advance your social customer care game to the next stage.

andrey-grigoryev  Andrey Grigoryev
 Director of Social Strategy, Conversocial

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