Understanding Multi-Channel Experiences


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It seems few organisations have found the right recipe for satisfying their customers’ taste for multi-channel engagement. Recent research suggests it remains a mediocre experience for most.

Is this solely due to fragmented or legacy technology? More up to date reasons can be found in those high level descriptions of customer journeys which give brands comfort they are done. But still miss the mark since they lack the nuanced detail that makes a difference to real life interactions.

Join Martin Hill Wilson and NewVoiceMedia’s Tim Pickard on this webinar where we intend to put a dent in this particular universe with a packed hour of tips, insights and challenges with of course, the ever important crowd-sourced wisdom from our webinar audience which we very much hope will include you.


Martin Hill-Wilson
BridgeHouse Consulting

I am a long standing member of the UK customer service community. I’ve served as consultant, facilitator, director and CEO for a variety of brands. I also participate as conference speaker and blogger in my role of passing on best practice and next generation thinking in customer service and social business. I currently work as an independent under the Brainfood brand with a range of clients focussing on customer related strategy assignments. This increasingly includes social media and social business integration. More at http://www.brainfoodextra.com/


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