Segwit2x Countdown

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SegWit2x (BT2 or B2X) hard fork countdown clock. Posted on 06/01/2018. Update November 8th: The hard-fork has been called off, as reported by Crypto-News here. SegWit2x plans to split off the Bitcoin network at block 494784, which is expected to be mined in: Current block number: (updated once per minute) After the previous chain-splits in August (Bitcoin Cash, BCH) and October (Bitcoin Gold.

BTC Channel Top 📈 / Segwit2x Countdown / Japan Bitcoin Debit card / First 0x Decentralised Exchange8 Nov 2017.

Bitcoin is upgrading (forking) on or around October 16, 2017, 2:28 pm EDT based on the SegWit2X code on block height 494784. This is a.

14/07/2017  · Key Dates For SegWit Countdown . July 14, 2017; Jessie Kerr; 519 Views . UPDATE 21-07-2017. The latest most optimistic scenario looks like it is playing out: July 19 02:00 GMT — BIP91 begins (we are passed this point and now >90% are signaling) July 21 10:00 GMT — BIP91 closes with >80% signaling and BIP91 locks-in July 23 18:00 GMT — BIP91 finishes, BIP91 is activated July 23.

8 Nov 2017.

The Segwit2x effort began in May with a simple purpose: to increase the blocksize and improve Bitcoin scalability. At the time, the Bitcoin.

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SegWit2x (BT2 or B2X) hard fork countdown clock. Author: Last Updated: 08 November 2017. We’re getting close to another Bitcoin hard fork and a resulting split of the network. SegWit2x plans to.

06/07/2017  · Countdown to SegWit: These Are the Dates to Keep an Eye On. 7/6/2017 12:56:00 PM. Recap: Segregated Witness Activation . First, a brief recap on Segregated Witness, and its potential activation methods. SegWit is a backwards compatible protocol upgrade originally proposed by the Bitcoin Core development team. It has been a centrepiece of the scaling roadmap supported by.

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27 Oct 2017.

Segwit2x is a continuation of the 'Bitcoin Scaling' debate.

estimate is that it will happen on November 15th (follow the real time countdown).

16 Oct 2017.

Who is against the activation of SegWit2x, is Bitcoin Gold associated with it and how should those who have bitcoins prepare? We tell you.